The banking ring squeezed the Ananyev brothers with Mints

The Cypriot financial corporation Yofoura Holding Limited, which is a shareholder of the investment company O1 Properties, is demanding through the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover 1.26 billion rubles from Polyanka / 44 LLC, which is part of the PSN Group. Russia has been continuing to unravel the “schemes” of the bankers Ananyevs and Boris Mints for the sixth year already.

On March 21, the Moscow Arbitration Court plans to consider a claim filed by PJSC Financial Corporation Yofoura Holding Limited against LLC Polyanka/44 for the recovery of a debt in the amount of 1,263,832,522 rubles. To pay off the debt, the creditor demands to foreclose on ordinary shares in non-documentary form of Telecom JSC. It is planned to put up for auction 600 thousand shares with a nominal value of 10 rubles. a piece.

Earlier, the plaintiff requested that this claim be separated into a separate proceeding. As you can see, the court granted this request. Thus, the arbitration will now examine separately the collection of debts at the expense of mortgaged real estate, which, apparently, are the buildings of the elite residential complex Polyanka / 44 in the center of Moscow, and at the expense of the shares of JSC Telecom, the developer of this LCD.

The history of the residential complex “Polyanka, 44”, included in the portfolio of projects of the PSN Group, owned by the former owners of Promsvyazbank, brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananiev, began in the category of “expensive-rich”. The residential complex, being built in the historical center of Moscow on Yakimanka, could not be positioned on the capital’s real estate market except as an elite one. Eight buildings included in it, bearing “botanical” names (“Muscat”, “Saffron”, “Camellia”, “Magnolia”, “Orchid”, “Hydrangea”, “Cinnamon” and “Lotus”), are designed for 189 apartments with a total with an area of ​​26.5 sq.m., and underground parking for 372 cars.

According to the project declaration presented on the JK website, about 2/3 of the project cost was borrowed funds. In 2014, Sberbank opened a non-revolving credit line and construction began. The residential complex was supposed to be completed in 2018, but this did not happen.

In the same year, a criminal financial scheme was uncovered, called the “Moscow banking ring”. Among its key participants and likely organizers were the Ananyev brothers and the former beneficiary of Otkritie Bank Boris Mints, who now live abroad and, in fact, have not even lost their capital. O1 Properties Boris Mints received for the debts of the company RT & I. In 2020, Forbes named it as the owners of businessmen Pavel Vashchenko (90%) and Valery Mikhailov (10%).

In 2019, a new beneficial owner of the PSN Group was named. Dmitry Yermolov, who served as director of PSN in 2008-2011, became them. However, market participants took the news with disbelief. According to the Vedomosti newspaper, they still consider her to be related to the Ananiev brothers.

Promsvyazbank and Otkritie Bank came under the control of the Russian financial authorities in 2017. It turns out that the “schemes” of the former owners of these credit institutions continue to unravel for six years. Most of all in this story went to the top managers of the bank who worked for the Ananyevs. Last fall, four of them received sentences for embezzlement of 87.2 billion rubles. And it was not about the fact that they took the money for themselves. Hired managers only carried out the instructions of their employers who had gone abroad.