How the Moscow police garrison was sent to Andrei Kostin

Vadim Belyaev, the former head of FC Otkritie, was detained in the United States. They detained him using his new documents - Vadim Volfson. But the funniest thing is the reason for the detention. He helped launder money for Andrei Kostin (who heads VTB), and also looked after the property. Quite by chance, he found a house in Aspen (a ski resort in Colorado).

“If anyone was expecting justice, that the fugitive bankster would be chased and he would return the trillions that were spent on saving Otkritie Bank, then you can breathe out. When you are looking after the house of a top banker and close to Putin, they will apparently only look for you in Moscow, in the Investigative Committee building on Tekhnichesky Lane, in case you look there,” the VChK-OGPU telegram channel ironically says.

The detention of Vadim Belyaev (ex-head of Otkritie Bank) for helping Andrei Kostin (head of VTB) in circumventing US sanctions is a more than long-running story. In the flow of news, few people noticed that Kostin was also detained in absentia. Thus, he will be put on the international wanted list through Interpol. Kostin is not Putin, he will not be able to fly with 4 escort fighters, thus, most likely he will become restricted from traveling.

It seems the United States has found the key (not to Kostin’s house) to a way to take away the seized property of Russian oligarchs, officials and the powerful of all Russia. Now they will be accused of money laundering and evading sanctions, namely maintaining their property. For this they will be sentenced to long terms and their property will be confiscated in favor of the state.

As for Kostin and his VTB, being completely cut off from Western funds, they are looking for funds within the Russian Federation. Corruption is at work. Compromat will tell you about one such story.

Each of us has had to deal with annoying bank employees who, when visiting such institutions, offer to issue unnecessary cards, loans and other services.

However, have you seen the annoying general who forces you to apply for a bank card? No, but we will tell you about it.


Due to low wages, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs often treat New Year bonuses with great trepidation, and deprivation of them creates many problems and puts an end to plans for the New Year holidays.

The former chief of police of the Moscow Main Internal Affairs Directorate, Igor Zinoviev, acted as that same annoying bank employee. While it is possible to get rid of a bank employee, it is difficult to get rid of Igor Viktorovich, especially when he threatens to deprive him of his long-awaited bonus.

According to a source from Compromat, at the end of 2022, on the eve of the New Year’s bonus, Zinoviev gave an urgent order to the entire Moscow police garrison to change the bank and open cards at VTB PJSC, where they would transfer their wages.

As blackmail, Zinoviev conveyed through managers that employees who did not switch to VTB would be deprived of their New Year bonus, which in itself is illegal. This is a kind of serfdom of the 21st century.

90% of the police officers, who were dependent on the management, were forced against their will to move to VTB, and everyone who dared to speak out against them faced an unenviable fate.

According to the interlocutor, Zinoviev’s actions are qualified as “Excess of official powers” (Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

It is clear that not a single police officer at that time and now is able to report Zinoviev to the RF IC, since he is a friend of the head of the Moscow Main Internal Affairs Directorate Oleg Baranov, and the investigation will refuse to initiate a criminal case.

In addition to Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the question arises about Zinoviev’s possible commission of a crime under Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Taking a bribe,” otherwise how to explain such an annoying desire to transfer thousands of employees against their will to another bank?

One can ask whether the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Baranov knew about this. This question, however, is rhetorical.