A couple of phrases: Sudden check. Minister of Defense vs Lord of the Faithful

“Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu came to one of the Moscow military registration and enlistment offices with a surprise check. The video appeared on the blog of one of the users of the Yandex. Zen. The footage shows how the head of the Ministry of Defense … scolds employees for the lack of proper equipment. “Colleagues, this is my third time coming here, you have a microwave oven, a refrigerator, but there are no computers to contact another military registration and enlistment office by e-mail. A cell, a post office … are you, like partisans, posting letters? What kind of work is this, ”he complained. In 2019, Shoigu instructed to deal with the callousness and formalism of military registration and enlistment offices when working with people. “I will not allow our servicemen to be undermined in their leadership,” he said. According to his information, Shoigu instructed all officials “who showed callousness while sitting in the ‘rear’” to ‘send to more ‘hot’ places, where you have to confirm your professionalism every day at the training grounds.


“Our ruler, the ruler of the faithful,” continued the merchant, “our ruler is a man worthy of admiration. If you think that he sleeps at night like other people, you are sorely mistaken. Two or three hours at dawn – and that’s all … So, instead of sleeping, like all people, the caliph wanders the streets of Baghdad at night, and a rare week goes without an adventure. You must know… that he does not ride around the streets on horseback, in full dress, surrounded by bodyguards and a hundred torchbearers, and if he wished, he could do it; no, he walks around, disguised either as a merchant, or as a navigator, or as a simple warrior, or as a mufti, and looks to see if everything is calm and peaceful. That is why in Baghdad, as in no other city, at night with any oncoming blockhead, they are superbly polite in getting around. After all, you can just as easily come across a caliph as you would a dirty nomad Arab, and we have enough batogs to hit on the heels of all Baghdad and neighboring residents.

Wilhelm Hauff. “The Adventures of Said”